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Oral Presentation at American Chemical Society(ACS) in NOLA

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

It was such an amazing experience for me to join this ACS conference as a young research scholar.

In the symposium of " ongoing challenge in the treatment of contaminants of emerging concern", I presented my work of " Ferrate(Fe(VI)) oxidation of pharmaceuticals in hydrolyzed urine: enhancement effect from ammonia, bicarbonate and creatinine". This presentation received a lot of positive feedbacks from other research fellows and our collaborator Dr. Virender Sharmer from TAMU ( who I met for the first time in person) really thought highly of this work and gave lots of critical comments on this topic.

Shout out to the friends that I have made during my 3-day stay in the conference.

Claudia, you are such a cool Latina researcher and hope your faculty position in Costa Rica will bring you even brighter future.

Pooya, you are a truly optimistic and kind human being that anyone wants to make friend with. Wish you best luck in your job hunting season.

Mat & Frany, my schoolmates from Tech. We bumped into each other in the conventional center without even knowing we are going to attend ACS together. Thanks for bearing me to practice my presentation with you in public and helping writing a failed "networking" email.

Professor Chris from Drexel University, you are giving me such educative and meaningful suggestions about how to get prepared for my future career path.

All these talented and "sexy" geeks that I have met, all of you made me enjoy this ACS party so much!

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