Graduate Leadership Coach at LEAD Program

The Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) program at Georgia Tech is a leadership-based fellow program for Georgia Tech students at different levels who have an interest in learning to develop others and would like to become a leadership coach for other students.


As a leadership coach, I interacted with several undergraduate students to help improve their leadership abilities. I believe that effective leadership is not merely being β€œ in charge” or β€œ the boss”, but being responsible, confident, inspiring, patient and more. During the coach sessions, I will provide tools rather than solutions to my coachees while enhancing my own existing leadership and coaching skills.


Parul, one of my coachee, talked about her experience with me in the LEAD program, please check HERE!

Outreach Coordinator in Atlanta Science Festival

Atlanta Science Festival's Exploration Expo is the biggest interactive science event open to adults, families, and children of all ages and interests in Atlanta.


As 1 of 100+ exhibitors, I led a group of 5 people ( 1 undergrad, 3 graduates and 1 professor) and brought my Ph.D. project to the eyes of the general public and introduced the new concept of source-separated urine. We designed a lovely urine treatment demo and informative poster and gave away the struvite fertilizer, which was made from urine, to educate people why it is vital to separate urine from feces and how we can remove drugs and recover nutrients from human pee. 

Founder & President of GaTech Grad Pride

Grad Pride is the first charted LGBTQIA graduate student organization  where LGBTQIA folks can get together a few times a month for social activities (such as movie nights, potlucks, board games, dinners) and professional activities (such as group writing, research practice talks, panels, and conferences like oSTEM (Out in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics ) or NOGLSTP (the National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals).


As the founder of Grad Pride, I envision Grad Pride as the place for any LGBTQIA graduate student or post-doctorate to feel safe and welcome, forming a community that may have been hard to find previously at Georgia Tech.

Organizer of Career, Research and Inonvation Development Conference (CRIDC) at Georgia Tech

As the largest professional development conference at Georgia Tech, CRIDC is designed to connect grad students of all degree types with professionals in research, industry, consulting and government, nonprofits, management, and entrepreneurship.


As one of the organizers of CRIDC, I focused on reaching out to companies and panelists to increase their attendance. I also initiated and fundraised two new awards (Diversity and Envrionmental Impact Award) to promote the awareness of inclusion and sustainability on campus. 

Program Facilitator of Queer Chat (Q-Chat) at LGBTQIA Center

Q Chat is a student discussion group series. We provide spaces for undergraduate and graduate students who share similar identities to come together in a welcoming space and build community, share experiences, and support each other.


As the facilitator of this program, I navigate the discussion to help members resolve conflicts that arose during these discussions. 

Teaching Mentor of Campus-Wide Teaching Assistant (TA) Orientation

 TA Orientation at Georgia Tech offers essential introduction to undergraduate and graduate TAs about effective teaching in classroom. During the TA oriention, new TAs will learn about new responsibilities, the policies that govern their work, and useful tools to use in their course.This interactive training led by a team of experienced TAs ( me included 😊) is an engaging introduction to life as a TA at Georgia Tech.


As the teaching mentor in the TA orientation, I helped plan and facilitate the event and designed and presented 2 breakout sessons, focusing on effective communication in class.

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